5 BEST Turtle & Tortoise Breeders That Ship Online In 2021

Finding reputable turtle and/or tortoise breeders can be a VERY challenging task mostly because of how popular and lucrative the reptile breeding business has become. However, making sure you buy your pet turtle from a reputable breeder is essential for many reasons.

There are several factors to consider to ensure your new pet turtle has a healthy genetic history. In today’s post, I will provide you with the ultimate list of the best turtle and tortoise breeders in the United States [online shipping included].

BEST Turtle & Tortoise Breeders In The US [That Ship Online]

1. Turtles & Tortoises INC

Turtles and Tortoises Inc is a breeding facility based in Kathleen, Florida. Jay Frewer runs the turtle and tortoise business and he’s known for being a nice and professional breeder. They breed a large variety of species and keep enhancing the breeding program on a regular basis. They focus on quality, variety of species, good service and collaboration with their clients.

What I appreciate most about Turtles and Tortoises INC is the care, engagement and safe keeping of the reptiles, providing the reptiles with specific habitats and diets based on species needs. These are my highlights for them:

  • Long-term reputable business producing a high variety of off-springs.
  • Big online community [more than 13k likes and 13k followers on Facebook].
  • All reptiles are well housed, cared for and arrive in good health.
  • Online shipping with various payment methods [from Apple Pay, Visa and PayPal to Money orders].
  • Refunds available [check the Terms & Conditions on the website; shipping is not refundable]
  • Purchases from Sunday to Wednesday are usually sent the following day.
  • Live arrival guarantee on ALL reptiles.
  • Good shipping conditions [insulated boxes with heat/cool packs].
  • Phone and email customer support.

Shipping may be expensive when buying from Turtles and Tortoises INC. They deliver with Southwest Airlines [airport cargo hub pickup] and UPS/ Fedex. Shipping costs start at $35 within Florida state [$45 outside Florida state]. Keep in mind that reputation speaks for itself in this case and reptile quality and health as a guarantee comes over low prices or “good deals”.

2. The Turtle Source

The Turtle Source is owned by Mark Cantos, an experienced breeder and online distributor specialized in turtles and tortoises. He developed a passion for turtles in his early years and ever since he’s been in love with turtles.

Mark has over 45 years of experience in working with turtles and he has invested a lot of time, dedication and patience to breed and produce different types of morphs. The Turtle Source is selling captive bred, captive hatched turtles and tortoises on their webpage. They are located in Myers, Florida and shipping turtles and tortoise all over America.

The Turtle Source is a credible breeder with a solid reputation and a good customer service. Below you can find my highlights and takeaways for The Turtle Source:

  • Experienced, reputable turtle and tortoise breeder.
  • High variety of Turtles & Tortoises hatchlings [they work with more than 21 different species. Make sure to check the availability on their site as some of them may be out of stock].
  • Online shipping available via secure payments [PayPal].
  • Phone and email support for placing orders, questions or issues with purchases [Monday –Saturday].
  • Big online community [more than 10k likes and 11k followers on Facebook].
  • 4.9 star rating out of 5 on Facebook.
  • Clients are usually happy with the purchase process.
  • Packages arrive in good conditions and meet the needed space and humidity requirements.
  • Shipping via UPS is done in a timely manner, usually being received the following day.
  • The Turtle Source also sells foods, supplements, vitamins products, Lights, Tubs, Habitats, Heaters, Substrates, Kits, etc.
  • Purchase of Gift Certificates available

3. Tortoise Supply

Tortoise Supply is a family business owned by Tyler Stewart in Northern Las Vegas, Nevada. Tyler began his reptile business working with chameleons [growing and breeding chameleons as an experienced reptile enthusiast].

In 2008 he slowly began to redirect in the reptile industry from breeding chameleons to breeding tortoises, until 2010 when he finally made the transition of former business BlueBeast Reptile to Tortoise Supply.

Tortoise Supply produces a large variety of tortoises in their local farm and sell all-over United States. Here is what makes Tortoise Supply a great tortoise breeder and supplier in the US.

  • Experienced reptile breeder and family business shipping reptiles since 2001.
  • Online sell of a wide variety of tortoises.
  • Strong online community [more than 20k likes and 20k followers on Facebook].
  • Great customer feedback, people are usually please with their service and purchase [reviews unboxing].
  • Phone and email customer support.
  • 7 days health guarantee.
  • Overnight Shipping for all live reptile orders via UPS Next Day Air/ USPS Priority [the reptiles arrive the following day].
  • Las Vegas Local Pickup Available[Check availability and program on website]
  • Animals shipped in safe insulated packages with heat/cold packs.

4. Arizona Tortoise Compound

Arizona Tortoise Compound is the next recommendation for captive bred tortoises and turtles. The owner, Andrew Hermes, offers a wide variety of species having as main goal the conservation and protection of all tortoises through captive breeding in Phoenix, Arizona. Arizona Tortoise Compound has become a leader in the industry with hands-on experience in working with 37 different species.

They pride themselves with high quality, healthy tortoises, active involvement in rescue and adoption programs alongside other organizations and a strong motivation to slow the exportation and extinction of reptiles. Below are the pinpoints for Arizona Tortoise Compound.

  • Trustworthy and passionate breeder with great online reviews.
  • Their reptiles are kept and grown in good, healthy habitats.
  • Online community [more than 9k likes and 9k followers on Facebook].
  • Social media activity [Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and Instragram]
  • Feedback for great customer service and support over the phone and email.
  • Live arrival and health guarantee on all animals.
  • Gift certificates purchase available on the website.
  • Shipping via express delivery with FedEx, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines.
  • Secure marked packages for reptiles with heat/cold packs and safe containers.
  • They also sell Foods, Supplements, Medication, Lights, Substrates, Kits and more.

5. Arizona Sulcata

The last breeder recommendation the ship live turtles and tortoises is Arizona Sulcata, owned by Austin Clayton. He started the business as a hobby in Mesa, Arizona, but soon discovered that the reptile market was in great need of healthy hatchlings and properly raised tortoises.

His motivation was to perfect the tortoise breeding by raising strong, healthy species. Austin dismisses the hatchling failure syndrome, combats the misinformation and contradictions in the tortoise industry.

Arizona Sulcata stands out from the crowd having strong beliefs and principles, great reviews and feedbacks.

  • Passionate tortoise lover with hands-on experience in breeding Sulcata, Albinos, Sudanese, Leopard Tortoises.
  • Full year health guarantee and live arrival for all tortoises.
  • Great customer experience and feedback for purchase of healthy reptiles.
  • Online shipping available with payments made through PayPal Online Checkout orders or Email order.
  • 5 star rating out of 5 on Facebook.
  • Shipping throughout the US via FedEx Priority Overnight.
  • Local Shipping Discounts for Arizona residents [discounted shipping price $25; prior emailing Austin to receive the discount is required].
  • Hatchlings Reservation available on their website.
  • Selling Ready to Hatch Eggs, Hatchling Setup kit, Supplies Set for Tortoises.
  • Selling Gift cards, Bracelets, Necklaces.

It’s not always easy to take a decision regarding the right place to buy your turtles & tortoises from, but these five long-term breeder businesses have proven themselves over time to be credible reptile enthusiasts who not only care deeply about turtles and tortoises, but also put in a lot of passion and effort to provide them better, safer and healthier lives.

Contributing greatly to tortoise community by preserving the species, breeders ensure and pave a foreseeable future for turtles and tortoises.

Disclaimer: This article is not subject of any kind of paid advertising for breeder business. This content is based on profound research, interest in reptiles and humanitarian deeds.

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