9 BEST Snake Breeders In The United States [2021]

Finding reputable snake breeders can be a VERY challenging task mostly because of how popular and lucrative the snake breeding business has become. However, making sure you buy your pet snake from a reputable snake breeder is essential for many reasons.

There are several factors to consider to ensure your new pet snake has a healthy genetic history. But I will also share with you what are the main factors new snake owners should consider prior to buying their first snake.

I have spend more than 15 days going through over fifty snake breeding businesses in the country and found what I believe to be the absolute 9 best snake breeders in the USA with a history of reputable, trustworthy, and responsible breeding.

9 BEST Snake Breeders In The United States

  1. Chase-N-Reptiles
  2. Andrew Deitz – Reptiles
  3. Rainbows-R-Us
  4. Dynasty Reptiles
  5. CV Exotics
  6. E-Squared Reptiles
  7. BHB Reptiles
  8. Peterson Reptiles
  9. ML Exotics

Defining Reputable Snake Breeders

There are a few aspects that will quality a snake breeder as “reputable” but all comes down to a breeder’s commitment to the health of the snake and most importantly, prioritizing care for each individual snake morph over profit.

To help you find a responsible, trustworthy and reputable snake breeder, here is a list of factors I have considered when picking out these trustworthy snake breeders in the United States.

1. Health Guarantees

A trustworthy, reputable snake breeder will provide a written health guarantee for their hatchlings mostly because they are 100% confident behind the genetics and overall well-being of their snakes.

There’s no reason for a snake breeder to not provide a written health guarantee for their snakes, unless of course, they are hiding something.

2. Availability & Friendliness

I find that a breeder’s willingness to professionally and openly communicate about an animal is directly corelated with the overall health of the animal.

In my opinion, snake sellers that tend to not reply to your emails in a decent amount of time and/or refuse to properly communicate and provide you with the information you need about their animals should be completely avoided. Do NOT buy from these guys.

There’s really no excuse for a snake breeder to not provide you with the information you need prior to buying an animal from them. Even leaders in the reptile community often times find the time to reply to their emails in a timely manner or at least have an associate do that for them.

3. NO Sale Sight Unseen

Most reputable snake breeders will want to see the buyers before selling snakes to them and for you to see the snake before buying one. Most snake breeders will talk to you for a few minutes just to make sure you are a responsible buyer who knows what owning a snakes mean.

Snake breeders that refuse to sell their snakes sight unseen are usually people that are good at what they do, responsible, trustworthy, but they also want to make sure you understand and see that their snakes are healthy and well-raised.

BEST Snake Breeders In The United States

Hopefully, you are now familiar with the three most important factors to consider when looking for reputable, trustworthy snake breeders. With no further ado, let’s dive into the actual recommendations for the best snake breeders in the United States.

1. Chase-N-Reptiles

Chase-N-Reptiles [Facebook PageOpens in a new tab., Morph Market PageOpens in a new tab., Instagram PageOpens in a new tab.] is one of the best snake breeders you could possible find in the United States. Russel is a friendly reptile breeder known for his availability and friendliness. There are plenty of good reviews of them in the reptile community such as this one from Ball Pythons ForumOpens in a new tab..

Chase-N-Reptiles General Information

Breed: Most mainland morphs of reticulated pythons
Location: Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Website: FacebookOpens in a new tab./InstagramOpens in a new tab./Morph MarketOpens in a new tab.
Email/Phone: [email protected]Opens in a new tab./651-269-9192

Chase-N-Reptiles is a reptile breeding facility owned by Chase Delles and Russell Dabritz with a history of over a decade in the reptile breeding business. Both Chase and Russel are known to be incredibly communicative and willing to help you with answers to your questions even after the transaction was completed.

Chase-N-Reptiles is in my opinion a GREAT model for how online snake/reptile ordering should be done and is my #1 choice for a reputable snake breeder.

📱 VERY Communicative Snake Breeder
Communication is prompt. Excellent customer service and healthy, well raised animals. Chase and Russel go out of their way and are still willing to answer your snake related questions even after the transaction was completed.

2. Andrew Deitz – Reptiles

Andrew Deitz – Reptiles [Facebook PageOpens in a new tab., WebsiteOpens in a new tab.] is another great reptile breeder I suggest you consider when looking to buy a snake. They own a small breeding facility but they are reputable snake breeders with healthy, well-raised animals listed for sale.

Andrew Deitz Reptiles General Information

Breed: Reticulated Python Specialists and Experts
Location: California
Website: andydeitz.comOpens in a new tab.
Email/Phone: [email protected]Opens in a new tab./603-247-7080

The #1 thing I like about Andrew’s reptiles is that they come with a health guarantee, which is something EVERY single reputable snake breeder should offer to their customers.

💰 Health Guarantee. GREAT Refund Policy
If there are any issues with the animals shipped by Andrew Deitz Reptiles you MUST contact Andrew by phone WITHIN 12 hours and he will replace the animal for you or issue a refund.

3. Rainbows-R-US

Rainbows-R-US [Facebook PageOpens in a new tab., WebsiteOpens in a new tab., Morph Market PageOpens in a new tab.] is another AMAZING snake breeder with hundreds of positive reviews on multiple reptile platforms. Rainbow-R-US is a family business owned by Dave Colling and his wife Desiree.

Rainbows-R-US General Information

Breed: Rainbow Boas
Location: San Jose, California
Website: Rainbows-R-US ReptilesOpens in a new tab.
Email/Phone: [email protected]Opens in a new tab./408-224-0414

The people [Dave & Desiree] are dedicated to the production of selective bred Boas. Rainbows-R-US have been in the snake breeding business for over 40 years – started in the 80′ – so that alone can help you make an idea of their reputation and trustworthiness.

Dave started his business as a hobby. He is known in the reptile community as a good man that cares for his animals more than anyone. He is patient, understanding, easy to work with, and most importantly he is VERY communicative and willing to help.

Rainbows-R-US is a FedEx certified live animal shipper. Expect to pay for shipping exactly $75 per box and not a penny more. There’s so MUCH more to tell about Dave’s breeding services but I’ll let watch the Unboxing Video below and I also suggest that you read this Ssnakess’ Forum Review.

Rainbows-R-US – BOA Snake Unboxing Video

Dave will also provide you with a VERY well written and informative care sheet along with feeding and shedding schedules for each individual snake.

🚚💨 100% FREE Shipping For Orders Over $1,000.
The animals are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight. Health Guarantee included if you are at the ship to address waiting for arrival.

4. Dynasty Reptiles

Dynasty Reptiles [Facebook PageOpens in a new tab., WebsiteOpens in a new tab., MorphMarket PageOpens in a new tab.] is a well-known player in the reptile community with a history of successfully breeding and selling snakes of over 20 years. At the age of 13, Chun – the founder or Dynasty Reptiles – had more than 10 snakes, which should tell you all about Chun’s love for reptiles.

Dynasty Reptiles General Information

Breed: Ball Pythons, PLUS Other Reptiles such as Burmese, Woma Pythons, Blue Tegus and Colombian Boas.
Location: Miami, Florida
Website: Dynasty ReptilesOpens in a new tab.
Email/Phone: [email protected]/+1 305-926-9750

Chun is a VERY communicative person. If he is not available he will most certainly have an associate to help you with any inquiries. Remember that a 25% deposit is required for a snake to be held.

Dynasty Reptiles – Ball Python Unboxing Video

Health Guarantee is included for ALL reptiles shipped by Dynasty Reptiles. International Shipping requires a 30% non-refundable deposit.

🚚💨 FREE Next Day Shipping Via FedEx On Ball Pythons ONLY
All other reptiles listed on their Website or MorphMarket Page require a $49 shipping fee. FedEx shipping is available ONLY when temperatures are above 40 degrees and below 90 degrees for safety purposes.

5. CV Exotics

CV Exotics [Facebook PageOpens in a new tab., WebsiteOpens in a new tab., MorphMarket PageOpens in a new tab.] is a family owned and operated business located in East Hampstead, New Hampshire. They’re selling not only a variety of snake morphs but other reptiles as well. Skip, one of the founders of CV Exotics is a very patient, communicative, upfront, helpful guy with a special thing for reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and much more.

CV Exotics General Information

Breed: Ball Pythons, BOAS, Anacondas, Corn Snakes, Milk Snakes, King Snakes, PLUS Other reptiles such as Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos, Turtles, Tortoises, etc.
Location: East Hampstead, New Hampshire
Website: CV ExoticsOpens in a new tab.
Email/Phone: [email protected]/978-835-8079

Their store located in East Hampstead, New Hampshire is extremely clean and you can tell in a blink of an eye the animals are actually VERY well taken care of. Skip is a very helpful guy, which is extremely important especially for first time reptile owners. He is willing to listen to you and make recommendation based on your needs and lifestyle.

CV Exotics – Unboxing Video

You can pay a 25% non-refundable deposit to hold ANY animal listed on their website in case you still don’t have the enclosure set up already. Great ReviewsOpens in a new tab. available on Reptile Forums.

✈️ Live Arrival Guarantee Available
All animals shipped by CV Exotics are guaranteed to arrive at the ship to location healthy, properly sexed, and alive. If that’s not the case you MUST contact Skip WITHIN the first 4 hours of receipt and notify him about the issue.

6. E-Squared Reptiles

E-Squared Reptiles [Facebook Page, Instagram Profile, MorphMarket Page] is a small business located in Tampa, Florida and owned by Eric Yarnell, a reptile enthusiast. The guy has been around pet reptiles his entire life, and so, he knows how to properly care for, breed, and raise pet reptiles.

E-Squared Reptiles General Information

Breed: Corn Snakes, Milk Snakes, King Snakes, Ball Pythons, etc.
Location: Tampa, Florida
Website: MorphMarket PageOpens in a new tab., Instagram ProfileOpens in a new tab., Facebook PageOpens in a new tab. [NO Website]
Phone/Email: [email protected]/+1 386-631-6531

E-Squared Reptiles have been active on MorphMarket only 1 year and they only have 3 reviews [all positive]. I’ve never bought a snake from them but they do look like they’re serious and know what they’re doing.

They’re very active on Facebook, where they are posting a LOT of videos with the reptiles they have for sale but that’s pretty much all I can tell you about these guys.

✈️ Live Arrival Guarantee On ALL Animals
But you need to be available to receive the animal on the FIRST delivery attempt otherwise the live arrival guarantee will NOT apply to your situation.

7. BHB Reptiles

BHB Reptiles [Facebook PageOpens in a new tab., WebsiteOpens in a new tab., MorphMarket PageOpens in a new tab., Instagram PageOpens in a new tab.] have been around for OVER 30 years. They have HUGE experience with several types of pet snakes such as corn snakes, boas, ball pythons, and much more.

Brian Barczyk – the founder of BHB Reptiles – has a well established [3M Subscribers] YouTube ChannelOpens in a new tab. where he shares tips and tricks on how to properly care for pet snakes.

BHB Reptiles General Information

Breed: Ball Pythons, King Snakes, Milk Snakes, Corn Snakes, Boas, Anacondas, etc
Location:Shelby, Michigan
Website: BHB ReptilesOpens in a new tab.
Email/Phone: [email protected]Opens in a new tab. / 586-884-6646

BHB Reptiles have one of the MOST diverse Ball Python collections. But they also have other types of snakes – as mentioned above. Apart from snakes, they also have listed for sale a variety of other reptiles such as Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos, Blue Tongued Skinks, and much more.

BHB Reptiles – Ball Python Unboxing Video

BHB Reptiles is definitely one of the largest US producers. Most reptile enthusiasts have bought from them or at least they consider doing so. The reputation of BHB Reptiles is a very strong one, which is why I believe BHB Reptiles is a GREAT US Snake Breeder to consider if you consider buying a snake.

BHB Reptiles will NOT ship any animals prior to speaking with their customers. That is a HUGE thing for me because it shows the level of commitment and how much these guys care for their animals.

They simply want to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into and that you are a responsible person who is able to care for a pet snake.

💰 Weekly Deals On Buying Snakes Online
I suggest that you check out the SnakeBytes.TV to see Brian and the crew sharing tips and tricks on how to care for pet snakes or other reptiles – or at least find out what’s the best snake pet for you at the cheapest price for a pet snake.

8. Peterson Reptiles

Peterson Reptiles [MorphMarket PageOpens in a new tab.] has been around for over 17 years. The owner – Ryan Peterson – is a very communicative guy. He is always willing to answer and snake related questions, which is something most reputable snake breeders do and/or should do.

Peterson Reptiles General Information

Breed: Ball Pythons
Location: Mount Dora, Florida
Website: MorphMarket PageOpens in a new tab.
Email/Phone: None available. But they are VERY responsive on MorphMarket

They have 24 reviews on MorphMarket at the time I am writing this article – ALL positive. I have to admit that I have never worked with them, but I hear good things about them. One of the videos I watched with Ball Pythons shipped by Peterson Reptiles helped me make an idea on how these guys do business. Here you have it:

Peterson Reptiles – Ball Python Video

😟 Lack Of Information Available
I’m not sure exactly whether or not Peterson Reptiles offer a live arrival guarantee on their reptiles due to a lack of information on their MorphMaket Page. They don’t have a Facebook Page, Website, or Instagram. If anyone has worked with them in the past, please do share your experience.

9. ML Exotics

ML Exotics [Facebook PageOpens in a new tab., WebsiteOpens in a new tab., MorphMarket PageOpens in a new tab.] has been breeding Ball Pythons for more than 15 years. They have plenty of experience in breeding snakes, but they are not as popular as other snake breeders such as Dynasty Reptiles, BHB Reptiles, or Rainbows-R-US.

ML Exotics General Information

Breed: Ball Pythons
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Website: ML ExoticsOpens in a new tab.
Email/Phone: 401-617-6555

As opposed to Peterson Reptiles, ML Exotics not only that they have a Website and Facebook Page, but they also have two times more reviews on MorphMarket – ALL positive. They are only breeding Ball Python Morphs but they are known for their healthy, well-raised animals.

ML Exotics – Ball Python Unboxing Video

Matt Lee, the founder and owner of ML Exotics is a very communicative guy, willing to help, and very patient. Aside from that, they are willing to help you with information before and AFTER the purchase. To me, that’s commitment.

🎖️ Great Customer Service
They offer assistance to all customers to ensure each and every one of you is paired with a snake that is suited to your everyday needs and lifestyle.

3 TIPS For Choosing Good Snake Breeders

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what to expect from reputable, trustworthy snake breeders. But if you need more information, here’s a step-by-step process you can follow to ensure you get your hands on a healthy, happy, well-raised snake from a reputable snake breeder.

1. Ask For Feedback

Feedback is very important especially with live shipping of any reptile. I highly suggest that you search online for feedback of other customers on a specific reptile breeder. For reputable breeders a simple Google Search with “Breeder Name + Review + Forum” should work just fine.

2. Proper Research

And by proper research I mean looking at their Website, Morphmarket Profile, Facebook Page, but their overall online presence as a whole. See for how long they have been breeding snakes/reptiles, what kind of reptiles are they selling, the price, customers reviews, check their About Us Page. You want to read about them as much as possible until you’re convinced they are legit and trustworthy.

3. Read The Breeder’s Terms of Service

A Terms of Service Page is something EVERY reputable snake breeder MUST have available on their website. Try to see how they do business, do they offer Live Arrival Guarantee or not.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist

Now that you hopefully have decided on what snake breeder you’d like to do business with, it’s time to talk about a pre-purchase inspection checklist that I believe it is a very important step you need to be aware of.

1. Back Up Your Purchase

The best possible way to do that is by using PayPal to pay for your snake. If something goes wrong you can always raise a ticket with the PayPal Support Team and let them know what happened. In most cases, you should be able to get your money back if you have a strong case.

2. Have The Enclosure Ready

Don’t buy a snake if you don’t have an enclosure for your snake yet. Most snake breeders will hold your snake for a 25% non-refundable deposit, so make sure you have that in place prior to asking them to ship your snake to your home.

3. Make An Unboxing Video

This is very simple to do and yet very effective. If there are any issues with the package that’s the ultimate proof to show the seller that the snake was in bad shape or if there are any other issues with the package that could have an impact on your snake’s well being.

4. Share The Experience

Share your experience on reptile forums so that other people can benefit from it. Regardless of how it went for you – bad or great – share all the details possible to help other reptile owners make an educated and responsible decision when choosing a snake breeder.


As I previously mentioned, I have analyzed over 50 snake breeders before coming up with that list. While I am more than sure there are plenty of other great snake breeders to choose from out there, these are what I believe to be the best snake breeders in the United States.

Of course, other popular and trustworthy snake/reptile breeders such as LLL Reptile and CB Reptile are also great options to choose from and I think you should consider all possibilities.

Local Reptile Shows, Classifieds Websites such as KingSnake.comOpens in a new tab., Local Facebook Groups are other options to consider, but that’s not as safe as buying from a popular snake breeder.


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