5 BEST Places To Buy Chameleons ONLINE In 2021

You’ve waited. You’ve read. And NOW you finally decided it’s time to buy your first chameleon. But where do you buy your chameleon from? What is the BEST place to buy a chameleon after all? If you have asked yourself these question, then you’re in the right place.

Today, I’m going to share with you what I believe to be the BEST 5 Places For Buying Chameleons Online, as well as what locations you should avoid completely.

I will also bring to your attention some things to look for in reputable, trustworthy chameleon breeders so you make sure you get your hands on a healthy chameleon.

BEST Places To Buy Chameleons Online

Hoping that you now have a better understanding of what to look for in a good, reliable chameleon breeder/seller, let’s take a look at our 5 picks for BEST Places To Buy Chameleons Online:

1. FL Chams

FL ChamsOpens in a new tab. is a family owned and operated chameleon breeder facility. Located in Estero, FloridaOpens in a new tab., FL Chams, Inc. has been successfully breeding chameleons for over 10 years. They breed a wide variety of captive bred, captive hatched, and handpicked wild caught chameleons from many different species.

They offer UPS nationwide overnight shipping to your door. Expect to pay exactly $50.00 for shipping for any quantity of chameleons bought. Their animals are shipped in Styrofoam lined boxes to minimize the effect of outside temperatures on the internal temperature of the box.

FL Chams will guarantee their shipped animals with a 7-Day Health GuaranteeOpens in a new tab.. They offer nationwide year-round live shipping, including shipping during winter. Their cages are well equipped for shipping live animals regardless of the outside temperature. Here’s what else I like about FL Chams:

  • 7-Day Health Guarantee
  • 30-Days Health Guarantee with the purchase of Kit Setup
  • Reputable, Trustworthy Chameleon Breeder [12 years of experience]
  • Live shipping available
  • A wide variety of chameleon morphs [Veiled, Jackson, Carpet, Panther, Pygmy, and more]
  • Can be contacted via Phone, Email or Text [239-560-5523 / [email protected]]

2. Backwater Reptiles

Backwater ReptilesOpens in a new tab. is a popular reptile store with hundreds of live reptiles available for sale, such as but not limited to lizards, snakes, frogs, turtles and tortoises. Among other things, Backwater Reptiles offer Live Arrival GuaranteeOpens in a new tab. for every reptile you purchase from them.

The animals are ALL shipped via overnight delivery to your doorstep for exactly $44,99, regardless of how many animals you purchase. In the unlikely event of receiving a DOA [dead on arrival] animal, Backwater Reptiles offer Live Arrival Guarantee and extended 7-Day Health Guarantee for all animal orders.

  • Popular, reputable reptile breeder
  • Live Arrival Guarantee
  • 7-Day Health Guarantee
  • A wide variety of animals available for sale
  • Friendly staff
  • Huge 3,000 square foot breeding facility

I suggest that you check out their Testimonials Page to see what other people think of these guys. Their website is always up to date, so you know for sure what animals are still in stock before placing a order. Here’s their Live Animal shipping schedule:

3. Chameleons Only

The guys at Chameleons OnlyOpens in a new tab. have a lot of nicely-structured, printable information on how to care for a chameleon from day 1. They take pride in educating their customers on how to provide their chameleons with a long, happy, and healthy life. I highly suggest that you check out their 14-Pages Chameleon Care PDF FileOpens in a new tab. as this is going to give you an idea on how experienced, caring, and responsible these guys are.

Chameleons Only has over 50 Chameleons morphs listed for sale on their Chameleons For Sale PageOpens in a new tab.. That means that regardless of your ideal pattern, price, or morph, they got you covered.

4. Chameleon Paradise

Chameleon Paradise’sOpens in a new tab. breeding program is operated out of their greenhouse. Their chameleons are selectively bred from the finest wild stock. These guys really care more about quality than quantity.

They are well-known in the reptile community for their colorful chameleons. It’s important to remember that they don’t release any chameleon before its 3-months anniversary, and that’s mostly because they really care about their animals.

They offer great customer support before and after the sale. They are known for their availability, fast and accurate answers.

They have a wide variety of chameleon morphs, meaning that if you’re looking for a specific morph of color pattern, there’s a good chance to find what you’re looking for on their website.

5. Chameleons 101

Chameleon 101Opens in a new tab. stands out due to their very creative concept. The guys at Chameleon 101 will help you HATCH YOUR OWN CHAMELEON!!! Their Ambilobe Panther Chameleon eggs are known as being some of the best in the industry with one of the HIGHEST HATCH RATE ON THE INTERNET.

The guys at Chameleon 101 offer 100% hatch guarantee. The cool thing about chameleon 101 concept is that you get to pick your chameleon before he is actually born. For more information, make sure to check out their FAQs PageOpens in a new tab..

How To Identify Good Chameleon Sellers Online

If you’re looking to identify the best chameleons sellers that sell chameleons online safely and securely, there are a few factors you will want to consider first. Let’s quickly discuss the 3 main components to consider when deciding where to buy your chameleon from:

1. How Experienced Is The Seller

You don’t want to buy a chameleon online from just anyone just because they have good pricing and they seem to be 100% legit. Always double check their reputation online. See what people think about them. See what other customers have to say about them.

Are they known in the reptile breeding community or no one ever heard of them? These are all legit questions anyone should ask to make sure the seller has enough experience and is capable to deliver you a nice, healthy, properly-raised chameleon.

Look for information on their website. Find out what people say about them. Check their availability and friendliness by sending them an email or give them a quick phone call. That way you can observe how willing are they to answer your questions and help you out with your chameleon related queries.

This will also help you figure out – to a certain extend – how knowledgeable the seller is.

2. Do They Offer Health/Live Arrival Guarantee?

Most reputable, trustworthy chameleon sellers will happily offer you a live arrival guarantee just because they are confident in the way they have raised their reptiles and also they are confident in how safe their way of shipping live reptiles is.

Additionally, reputable chameleon breeders will have no issue with offering you a health guarantee for any animal you purchase from them just because they know their animals are properly raised and therefore, healthy.

Which is very important since most chameleon owners end up owning stressed out chameleon babies. Not only that a stressed out chameleon is more likely to have health issues in the future, but his past experiences will keep him from bonding with you, which is something you definitely don’t have to put up with.

3. Double Check Their Reputation In The Community

One of the most important things you need to do is double check the reputation of the seller in the online community. The simplest way to do that and find honest opinions from previous customers is by typing the following on Google: “Name of the breeder/seller” + “Opinions” +”Forum”.

Search everywhere. Check out their Facebook Profile, testimonials, YouTube Channel [reputable breeders will have one]. To help you further, here’s a list of things to look for when trying to decide whether or not a seller has a good reputation:

  • Ask for feedback from previous customers
  • Check their website carefully [if they have one]
  • Check out forums [even ask questions if you have issues finding valuable information about a certain breeder/seller]
  • Check their morphs and pictures of their breeding facility

If you don’t seem to find anything online about a certain breeder, it is most likely that no one has heard of him so I tend to say it might not be the best idea to buy a chameleon from them. However, if there are any questions you feel like asking about a certain breeder, I suggest you reach out to them directly and ask your question, or even better, ask people’s opinion on forums.

Here’s a Reddit CommunityOpens in a new tab. about chameleon with over 22k members. Post your question there, people will be more than willing to help you out.

If you did all these and you are still unsure where to buy a chameleon from, I have a VERY useful, well-researched article on the topic. The article is called 8 BEST Chameleon Breeders In The United States [2021]Opens in a new tab..

Avoid These Locations

There are still plenty of people getting their reptiles from the large pet stores such as Petco or PetSmart, but I recommend that you do not do so. These guys often times buy their reptiles from large operations with very low standards for husbandry and genetics.

You should also know that having a chameleon live in a large pet store can be extremely stressful on the lizard. As you may know, chameleon need to feel safe and secure, and a large pet store with a lot of people roaming around won’t provide him with that.

Above that, while the employees from these large pet stores are very well intended, most of the don’t know how to properly care for each individual reptile they have in the store, which can further lead to serious health issues in reptiles raised by amateur people, offering you no guarantee that their animals are healthy and properly cared for.


It is impossible to pick one ideal place to buy a chameleon from, but these 5 ones are what I believe to be the best and most reliable chameleon sellers.

When trying to decide where you want to buy your chameleon from, try to keep in mind the 3 considerations I listed above [Experience & Availability, Health Guarantee and Reputation].


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