150+ BEST Male Bearded Dragon Names [PLUS Their Meanings]

You’ve waited. You’ve read. You’ve asked around. And NOW you finally got a bearded dragon. Probably a male bearded dragon. First of all: Congratulations! But now it’s probably the time to have that long, annoying conversation about your new pet’s name.

I got you. I know that coming up with a name for your new pet is no easy task, which is why I decided to put together a well-researched list of male bearded dragon names.

Whether you are looking for something funny, badass, creative, or cute, the following male bearded dragon name list will provide you with plenty of options. But before we get to the actual list I suggest that you read through and get your hands on some useful tips for choosing the best name for your male bearded dragon.

Tips For Choosing The BEST Male Bearded Dragon Name

Finding the right name for your male bearded dragon can be really tough, which is why I want to share with you my tips checklist for choosing a name for your pet. This is meant to make your life easier and narrow down your name options and make the process of choosing a name more convenient.

  1. Only The Absolute BEST: Only name your male bearded dragon when you have found a name that you truly like. You will be using it plenty of times [Hopefully for the next 15 years], so you should definitely enjoy the sound of it.
  2. Pick a SHORT Name: Longer names are more difficult to pronounce and you may get tired on saying Michelangelo over, and over again. Keep it simple and short. Short names not only that are easier to pronounce but they make a good fit for a small lizard such as the bearded dragon.
  3. Take Your Time: It’s truly important that you take the time to decide on how to name your male bearded dragon. Wait a few days and see if you’re still happy with your choice.
  4. Don’t Be TOO Funny: Don’t choose an embarrassing name just because it sounds really funny to you. What will your vet call your bearded dragon if you name him “Smellyface”?
  5. Keep It Simple: It may seem like a more creative choice to name your bearded dragon Sir Alex Van Holland, but it’s better to stick with short, simple names. Unless, of course, you plan to use a simplified call name like “Sir Alex”.
  6. Take Notes: In the early phase of choosing a name for your bearded dragon, make sure to write down the names you consider a good fit for your pet. That way, you don’t have to start from scratch and you will already have a list of possible names.
  7. Ask For Opinions: At this point you probably have a list of a few possible names for your male bearded dragons. I suggest that you take that list and ask for other’s people opinion. See what they like and ask them why they like a certain name from the list to help you decide which one to choose.
  8. Bookmark This Article: If you’re reading this article you are most likely to be in the early phase of choosing a name for your pet. Make sure to bookmark this article and come back to it if you feel like you need directions maybe you want to check out our list one more time.

BEST Male Bearded Dragon Names

On a final note, before we get to the list, I want to let you know that I did my best to organize this list on such a manner that will allow you to scan the article and only look at the names from a certain category you find interesting and meets your needs.

Badass Male Bearded Dragon Names

I’d like to start with badass bearded dragon names for males since I’m the proud owner of a badass bearded dragon as well. Spoiler Alert: The name of my dragon is on this list.

  1. Rex [From T-Rex, the HUGE, scary dinosaur]
  2. Augustus [The name of the first Roman Emperor]
  3. Tiberius [The name of the second Roman Emperor]
  4. Caligula aka Gaius [The name of the third Roman Emperor]
  5. Zilla [Of Hebrew Origin, it means “Shadow”]
  6. Igor[Of Russian Origin, it means “Warrior”]
  7. Razor [Of Old French Origin, it means “King”]
  8. Raptor [As the ass kicking bird]
  9. Aiden [Of Irish Origin, it means “fiery one”]
  10. Jax [From Sons of Anarchy]
  11. Kade[Biblical Name]
  12. Norris [As in Chuck Norris]
  13. Rocky [As in Rocky Balboa]
  14. Sirius [As in Sirius Black]
  15. Vlad [As in Vlad Tepes, The First Vampire]

Cute & Cool Male Bearded Dragon Names

If you’re more interested in cute names for male bearded dragons, then this list is for you. After all, a cute bearded dragon needs a cute name.

  1. Iggy
  2. Wally
  3. Yoshi
  4. Spike
  5. Dino
  6. Arnie
  7. Buzz
  8. Neo
  9. Speedy
  10. Stormfly
  11. Peanut
  12. Freckles
  13. Remi
  14. Jo Jo
  15. Genie [As in EuGENIE Bouchard. the Canadian tennis player]
  16. Norbert [The Geeky Dragon]
  17. Izzy
  18. Haku [It has several meaning in Japanese such as “white, soul, chief leader, etc”, but I’m a Naruto fan so I just took it from there]
  19. Spot
  20. Leo [Easy to pronounce and remember. Give your dragon a more DiCaprio look]
  21. Bernie [The second name of my dog. I think this is suitable for Dragons as well]
  22. Arnie
  23. Archie [As in Jonathan Archer, the captain of Enterprise]
  24. Mickey [Mouse?]
  25. Axel
  26. Lenny
  27. Merlin
  28. Monty
  29. Ozzy
  30. Sleepy

Funny Male Bearded Dragon Names

Is your male bearded dragon a jaw-dropping, out of this world, funny bearded dragon? If that’s the case, let’s see some funny, yet decent and honorable names for male bearded dragons.

  1. Bam Bam [It just sounds funny]
  2. Scrappy [I got this one from a funny YouTube Character called “Scrappy The Cholo”]
  3. Snowy [Ironically since they come from the desert]
  4. Puff [Easy to pronounce, plus it does have a funny texture]
  5. Speedy
  6. Sonic [As in Sonic X]
  7. Stormy
  8. Earl
  9. Chubby
  10. Iggy
  11. Hook
  12. Ziggy
  13. Herbert
  14. Loki
  15. Squashy
  16. Dusty

Hollywood Male Bearded Dragon Names

As a big fan of Star Trek myself, I’ve also dreamed about naming one of my pets T’pol, but I’ve always had boys, so I couldn’t. Here’s a list of Marvel, Disney, Star Trek, Star Wars and other Hollywood names for your male bearded dragon.

  1. Tom [Tom Hanks and/or Tom Cruise]
  2. Al [Al Pacino]
  3. Jack [Jack Nicholson]
  4. Denzel [Denzel Washington]
  5. Morgan [Morgan Freeman]
  6. Gary [Gary Oldman]
  7. Robin [Robin Williams]
  8. Sean [Sean Penn]
  9. Clint [Clint Eastwood]
  10. Ford [Harrison Ford]
  11. Brad [Brad Pitt]
  12. Kevin [Kevin Spacey]
  13. Russell [Russell Crowe]
  14. Gene [Gene Hackman]
  15. Liam [Liam Neeson]

Exotic Male Bearded Dragon Names

Since Italy is a fountain of great names, it’s really a shame not to take advantage of these beautiful exotic names when naming a pet. Lizard, dog, cat, or crocodile consider these exotic names as well.

  1. Axel [Of Danish Origin, meaning “The Father of Peace”]
  2. Ren [Of Japanese Origin, meaning “Water Lily”]
  3. Santi [From Santiago, which is of Spanish Origin, meaning “Saint James”]
  4. Sem [The Dutch version of the Biblical Name Shem, who was the son of Noah]
  5. Rocco [Of Italian Origin, meaning “Rest”]
  6. Devin [It means “Helper”]
  7. Luca [Very popular in Europe]
  8. Ethan [Biblical name, meaning “The Gift of The Island”]
  9. Zenon [Of Greek Origin, meaning “Great Thinker”]
  10. Mazin [Of Arabic Origin, meaning “Rain”]

Greek God Male Bearded Dragon Names

I’m a fan of Greek Mythology and with so many cool, popular Greek Gods and Goddesses, why not give it a try? Maybe you’ll find the perfect merge between the sound of the name and the meaning of it on this list.

  1. Zeus [God of The Sky]
  2. Poseidon [God of The Sea]
  3. Ares [God of War]
  4. Apollo [God of Art]
  5. Hermes [God of The Roadways]
  6. Hades [God of The Underworld]
  7. Janus [God of Beginnings]
  8. Aion [God of Eternity]
  9. Eros [God of Love & Attraction]
  10. Crius [One of the 12 Titans]
  11. Atlas [Titan of Endurance & Astronomy]
  12. Helios [Titan of the Sun]
  13. Perses [Titan of Destruction]
  14. Anax [The Giant of the Island of Lade]
  15. Aidos [Spirit of Modesty & Respect]

Game Of Thrones Male Bearded Dragon Names

Lastly, if you’re a fan of Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons, you might find these Game of Thrones name ideas inspiring.

  1. Drogon [The most powerful Dragon in the Game of Thrones series, named after Dany’s husband Khal Drogo]
  2. Rhaegal [Named after Dany’s eldest brother who died before she was born]
  3. Viserion [Named after Dany’s brother. The not-so-courageous one]
  4. Mance [The King Behind The Wall]
  5. Yoren [Another cool, unique name you must consider]
  6. Jon [For Jon Snow fans, this is a cool, easy to pronounce name worth considering]
  7. Eddard [As in Eddard Stark]
  8. Sam [As in Samwell Tarly]
  9. Bronn
  10. Daario
  11. Davos
  12. Drogo
  13. Jaqen
  14. Jorah
  15. Oberin
  16. Renly
  17. Rob
  18. Torgo
  19. Tywin
  20. Varys

Disney Male Bearded Dragon Names

I also know that there are plenty of people finding inspiration in Disney characters when naming their pets. Therefore, here’s a list of Disney names for bearded dragons.

  1. Goofy [The first dog to wear a turtle neck]
  2. Donald [We all know who Donald Duck is]
  3. Olaf [The character from Disney’s Frozen franchise]
  4. Simba [The Lion King]
  5. Genie [Alladin]
  6. Jafar [Alladin]
  7. Baloo [The Jungle Book]
  8. Hook [As in Captain Hook]
  9. Woody [As in Sheriff Woody from Toy Story]
  10. Buzz [As in Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story]
  11. Scar [The Lion King]
  12. Oswald [Oswald The Lucky Rabbit]
  13. Mowgli [The Jungle Book]
  14. Stitch [Lilo & Stitch]
  15. Kuzco [The Emperor’s New Groove]

Naruto Male Bearded Dragon Names

And because I’m a HUGE fan of Naturo, here’s a list of some of the most important characters in Naruto that I think make a good name for male bearded dragons.

  1. Naruto [Needs no explanation. It is pronounced “Nar-to”]
  2. Sasuke [The second most important character in Naruto. It is pronounced “Sas-ke”]
  3. Minato [Naruto’s father. The fastest Shinobi EVER]
  4. Kakashi [Naruto’s first teacher. The guy with two different eyes. He used to wear a eye-patch, which is pretty cool if you ask me]
  5. Obito [One of the most powerful Shinobi’s in the series]
  6. Madara [A legend of the Uchiha clan]
  7. Nagato
  8. Gaara [The Hokage of the Sand Village]
  9. Deidara
  10. Neji

Test The Name

If you have a list of at least 3 names for your male bearded dragon, it’s time to put them to the test. It’s important to know that you’re comfortable with using the name, but also to ensure you will like the name 10 years from now. Here’s what I recommend you to do.

  • Use The Name On a Daily Basis: The name of a bearded dragon is in my opinion, as important as the name of a dog or cat, so make sure you’re using the name for a few days and see how comfortable you are with using it.
  • The Name’s Reputation: Believe it or not, but I’ve met a few people that never heard of Hitler. Or at least that’s what they’ve said. Please check the name’s reputation and make sure you at least avoid “Adolf” and “Hitler”.
  • The Nickname Test: Maybe you’d like to choose a name that gives you the opportunity to play with it and come up with cute nicknames for your bearded dragon. In that case, you should consider that aspect as well.

Reptile Name Generators

Although it’s highly unlikely that you didn’t find any good names on my list – or at least inspiration – maybe you should consider trying your luck with reptile name generators. Here’s a list of 3 BEST Reptile Name Generators:


Although choosing a name for a male bearded dragon can be very challenging, it really doesn’t have to. Hopefully, this list of names provided you with a few good names for your beardie.

If you feel like there are other male bearded dragon names we should add to this list, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know.

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