Can You Put A Fish Tank Under A TV?

Whether you have seen it at a friend’s house or spotted it in a YouTube Video or Photo, placing a fish tank under a TV has become a recent trend. Mounting your aquarium under your TV can give your home a modern, cool look and feel, BUT is it really safe to do so?

Mounting a fish tank under your TV is perfectly fine as long as you maintain a decent distance between the fish tank and the TV and keep the sound to decent levels.

But since every new fish owner has to decide where to put an aquarium, in today’s article I am going to spill the beans on what are best spots to put a fish tank as well as the worse spots to mount an aquarium. Let’s get started.

Can You Put A Fish Tank Under A TV

The flashing of a TV screen and the noise it produces might have a negative impact on your fish health and quality of life, but also on the overall system health of the aquarium. However, as long as the distance between the TV and the aquarium is at decent parameters everything should be alright.

When mounting a TV above a fish tank it is important that you keep in mind that the aquarium will require cleaning from time to time, so the distance between the two should be just enough to allow you to clean the aquarium whenever you have to.

I would recommend that you position the tank a big lower and closer to the wall so that you make sure the TV’s light effects will not blast down into the tank stressing out the fish. Stressed out fish won’t be healthy fish.

Pay Attention To Details
Avoid having a mechanical contact between the stand of the fish and the center speaker of the TV as the vibrations could mess up with your fish’s behavior and well being.

Fish Tanks Near TVs Might Be Dangerous

The wisest thing to do when faced with such decisions is to ask yourself What Could Possibly Go Wrong? And there are a few things that could go wrong when trying to mount a TV over an aquarium.

5 Tips For Safely Placing An Aquarium Near Electronic Devices

  • Avoid direct contact between your aquarium and any electronic devices to avoid vibrations that may disturb the fish
  • Use a strong aquarium stand [do not put your aquarium on the floor under your TV]
  • Take any measures to avoid spilling water directly over any electronic devices during feeding and cleaning
  • Position the aquarium a bit lower and closer to the wall
  • Make sure you have enough space between the aquarium and the TV for feeding and cleaning
  • Make sure none of the speakers are pointing at the aquarium

You will also want to consider covering the aquarium properly [using standard canopies, glass canopies, etc.] to avoid water evaporation issues.

Additionally, having an aquarium right under your TV could prove to be incredibly distracting and you may end up watching your fish instead of watching the TV.

Use A TV Wall With Integrated Aquarium

By far the best choice when you want to put your fish tank under your TV is to go buy a TV wall with integrated aquarium since it looks way better, giving your home a modern, cool appearance.

The other option is to get a wall mounted fish tank – such as this sophisticated Wall Mounted AquariumOpens in a new tab. from Amazon – and install it under your TV. However, unless you are a great handy man you may end up paying someone good money to install the tank for you.

In my opinion, these wall-mounted aquariums are very unique, creative, sophisticated but also suitable for any home or office. Additionally, wall-mounted aquariums not only that they look great but can save you a whole deal of space too.

Consider Your Stand’s Height

Depending on your tank’s measurements you also need to consider your stand’s height and make sure you you don’t end up with a too high-on-the-wall TV.

As far as aquarium stands go, there’s no perfect height, so whether you choose to buy a nice looking aquarium standOpens in a new tab. from Amazon or build one yourself, make sure the height of the stand is what you need.

Can A TV Stand Hold A Fish Tank

Many homeowners consider using their TV stand for their aquarium, and while placing a 10 gallons aquarium on a TV stand may work just fine, you shouldn’t put a large aquarium on a TV stand regardless of how sturdy you may think the stand is.

TV stands are built for TVs and most TV stands are not sturdy enough for aquariums larger than 10 gallons since aquariums weigh WAY much more than TVs.

Consider Your Aquarium’s Weight
A TV stand that is made from a sturdy material such as iron, steel, or even hard wood such as oak may be able to support a 55-gallon fish tank, but I do recommend that you use a traditional aquarium stand for fish tanks larger than 10-gallon.


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how safe it is to put an aquarium on a TV stand, plus what are some things you need to consider and be aware of before doing so.

Please realize that having your aquarium too close to electronics may fry them but it is also dangerous from several other reasons, so keep a close eye on the distance between your aquarium and your TV.

As far as the danger of spilling water over electronics during feeding and cleaning goes, just throw some towels down near the tank and the problem should be solved.

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