9 BEST Places To Buy Reptiles ONLINE In 2022

For various reasons I’ve spent quite some time researching for the best places to online shop reptiles nowadays. Below are my top three go-to online stores in this market.

You’ll find  summarized and highlighted details on each reptile retail store [such as online reputation, variety of animals for sell, payment, shipping, guarantees, customer service, reviews and more].

My purpose was to create a helpful article for reptile enthusiast, keepers or hobbyists, using personal experience, up-to-date information and feedbacks.

1. MorphMarket

MorphMarket is a popular reptile and amphibian marketplace created back in 2015. The platform’s purpose is to connect sellers/breeders with reptile enthusiasts.

MorphMarket operates within three large regions [Unites States, Europe and South Africa]. Switching a Morph Market region will change search results as the search looks only within a single region.

You can choose from 40 different reptile categories [ranging from ball pythons, king snakes and geckos, to turtles, iguanas or tegus]. All reptiles listed on MorphMarket are captive bred animals.

The best thing about MorphMarket is the variety of reptiles and breeders available on the website. You can advance search by filtering various criteria such as nearby location, exports by country (!), country of provenance, desired currency, reptile age, reptile sex and many more.

After finding “the desired purchase”, you’ll have to contact the seller by clicking “Inquire” in order to create a conversation with him. Basically, it generates an email where you can ask questions, find out how to purchase and pay.

Most of inquires [90%] receive a reply in 24 hours; however it may happen for some sellers to be unresponsive. In case you encounter a seller who is not open or responsive, it might be a sign to move on to another seller/store.

It is also important to read firsthand the policies listed on seller’s store page. Make sure to ask about policies or guarantees which might be missing on their online store. Morph Market’s reputation is the proof of strong adherence to moral and ethical standards.

My personal online research on Morph Market, confirmed that buyers are usually happy with their purchase and buying experience. On the other hand, any breeder [reputable or not] can sell on MorphMarket.

As a safety measure, check out also seller’s rating, reviews, Facebook page etc. to be 100% sure it is a buying transaction you want to complete.

2. LLL Reptile and Supply Co.

LLL Reptile is one of the oldest and largest reptile supply retailer in the United States. In their online store, you’ll find a large variety of captive bred animals such as pythons, boas, anacondas, and different varieties of snakes, chameleons, bearded dragons, geckos, amphibians, turtles and tortoises, scorpions & more.

The great thing about LLL Reptiles is the online store variety. Whether you need to buy an enclosure, incubator, heat pads, UVB lights or feeders, you can always search through their online catalog and order.

LLL Reptile breeds some reptile species like geckos, tegus, sulcata tortoises, cornsnakes and blood pythons. The other animals available on their webpage come from reputable breeders in the US.

We like the fact that LLL Reptile provides a live and health arrival guarantee. This guarantee is applicable also for the following three days after arrival. The seller also promises the animals gender to be as such [male or female].

Online orders are processed super-fast; an LLL Reptile employee usually contacting the customer within 24 hours to schedule the shipping day. The staff is friendly and more than open to respond to any questions [which can be addressed either on their website or via phone call].

Staff members are highly trained in reptile care, maintenance and breeding. Employees are keen to educate prospect owners through various resources [videos, presentations, books, care sheets etc.]. The majority of clients are happy with their LLL Reptiles purchase experience. Most people reviewed them with a 5 star rating on Yelp, recommending their great customer service, attentiveness and friendly staff.

Shipping costs may vary depending on ordered reptiles. Most animal orders have 39.95$ shipping charge plus 5.95$ packing fee. Online Payment can be done with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal and Discover. Pre-payment by money are also accepted.

I personally like and trust LLL Reptiles, even though there have been some upset customers who complained and left negative online reviews due to unfortunate, isolated animal incidents. In my opinion, LLL Reptile is a reputable and decent reptile shop.

The vast majority of happy clients and testimonies confirm that LLL Reptile retail stores can be trusted, that purchased animals arrive healthy and in perfect condition being handled by knowledgeable professionals.

3. Big Apple Herp

Big Apple Herp is an online retail store providing a high variety of captive bred reptiles, frogs, tarantulas and scorpions within the United States. This online store also sells farm raised [FR] or field collected [FC] species, which are always mentioned and notated. On Big Apple Herp website you’ll find reptile feeders, both live and frozen.

They sell reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas and scorpions with a three day live and health guarantee after arrival. Shipment of the live animal is done via Next Day Air with FedEx, USPS or UPS. Shipping costs for live animals include 39.95$ [overnight delivery] plus 10$ [packaging fee].

For animal purchases over 500$, they offer photos of the animal/animals, but only on the day of purchase when you are ready to buy. This approach is justified by huge daily volume of requests for photos.

Contacting Big Apple Herp’s team can easily be done via “Message Us” option available on their website which generates a Facebook Messenger conversation. Their team usually replies to new messages within an hour. The majority of clients was satisfied with the staff communication and gave positive feedback for the customer support. Another option is to email the staff by clicking on “Contact us”.

Big Apple Herp charges a 10$ fee [Sexing Service] to determine the gender of the animal. Sexing is done by Big Apple Herp’s experienced staff; however they will not refund, exchange or compensate in case you receive an animal with a different gender than requested. Make sure to check the “Live Animal Policy” and the “No Cancellation Policy” on their website before placing an order or purchasing.

What I appreciate about Big Apple Herp as a business in the reptile industry, is the wide variety of animals and their straightforward policies and procedures in guiding customers.

I’ve read many positive reviews from satisfied customers [here and here] which confirmed their business reputation and good services, but then I found also the occasionally negative reviews. This led me to the conclusion that: when dealing with live animals, life happens and unfortunate events might occur even when retailers are doing their best to care for the animals and their customers.

Other Places That Sell and Ship Reptiles Online

I’ve mentioned below six other safe, reputable online stores to consider. I personally trust and appreciate their experience and commitment to reptile business.

  1. GECKOBOA ReptilesOpens in a new tab.
  2. New England Reptile DistributorsOpens in a new tab.
  3. BHB ReptilesOpens in a new tab.
  4. Reptile RaptureOpens in a new tab.
  5. Underground ReptilesOpens in a new tab.
  6. Arizona Tortoise CompoundOpens in a new tab.


Choosing for “the best” or “the right” reptile retailer can be a tough decision considering the options, information and variety available online. Especially if you’re someone undecided, hesitant or full of doubts.

My advice to you is: be knowledgeable and educate yourself through a brief research. Then trust your gut feeling and make the purchase as most life events or circumstances are beyond our control.

Having faith in your decision making, learning constantly from mistakes or making better choices is something you can control but also an ability to succeed.

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