7 BEST Places To Buy Bearded Dragons Online In 2021

Picking the right place to buy a new bearded dragon can present challenges given the abundance of reptile businesses available on the market. That is why Reptile Area made a systematic research to compile a list with the Best Places To Buy Bearded Dragons Online in 2021.

Commonly, selection criteria to determine the best online stores include: experience and reputation, genetics, coloration, availability, cost, warranties, feedbacks and reviews.

Chances are these references help you create or update a reptile retailers shortlist.

Likewise, consider that it’s not recommended to buy bearded dragons from large pet store chains given the unknown origin or hatch dates of the bearded dragons. Animal’s history, raise and health conditions, qualified care, possible virus infection or lack of information about breeders represent the main disadvantages and dangers of large pet shops.

Let us dive into our topic and explore each online store to find out more about their morph genetics, prices, services, guarantees and so on.

1. Fairytale Dragons LLC

Fairytale Dragons LLC is a small reptile business owned by Heather L Moye. The family breeds bearded dragons for more than 15 years in Orlando, Florida.

FairyTail Dragons lives up to its reputation as one of the best breeders available. This business received 100% positive feedback on Morphmarket over last 12 months. Here you can check the online store and breaded dragon listings as well.

Bearded dragons come with 14 days health guarantee after arrival. FairyTail Dragons asks to be contacted right away to provide you with assistance and proper care instructions in case of emergencies, concerns or health issues of the dragon.

All animals are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight [Monday through Wednesday]. Sexing is not guaranteed, however Fairytale Dragons makes efforts to accurately determine the sex of young bearded dragons.

Fairytale Dragons is highly responsive, attentive and open to help customers. Contact information, shipping details and delivery options are provided at the time of sale.

Accepted Online Payment: PayPal, VISA, Master Card, Discover, American Express. Additionally, Fairytale Dragons offers below short-term Payment Plan Options:

  • A minimum Down Payment of $50 for reptiles listed at $200-$500.
  • A minimum Down Payment of 40% for reptiles listed at $500-$1,000.
  • Purchases greater than $1,000 are offered with individual payment plans.

Morph Variety: Dunner, Hybrid, Yellow/Citrus, Hypo, 100% Het Translucent, Pos Het Zero, 100% Het Hypo.

2. Morph Market

Morph Market is a popular platform, created to connect breeders with reptile hobbyists. Morph Market was founded in 2015 and operates within three large regions [Unites States, Europe and South Africa]. With time, Morph Market has achieved a solid reputation, great feedbacks and high ratings. Both sellers and customers are usually happy with the selling/ buying experience.

The bearded dragons [and all other reptiles] listed on Morph Market are captive bred animals. The platform offers a huge the variety of morphs [24 genes and types available] and bearded dragons of all ages.

On Morph Market, customers purchase directly from breeders/sellers. Check out MorphMap to find sellers nearby. Besides, make sure to read seller’s policies listed on his store page. Ask upfront for questions, guarantees, shipping details, accepted payment etc.

After finding the seller, you need to contact him. Click on “Inquire” to generate an email to ask questions and find out more details on purchasing, shipping and payment. The majority of sellers are super responsive, so you can expect a reply within 24 hours.

Here you can find Morph’s Market recommendations on How to Buy From A Seller.

Here are more details on What Buyers Can Expect.

Morph Variety: Dunner, Citrus Tiger, Brown/Tan/Sand, Purple/Blue, Zero, Phantom Leatherback, Hybrid, Normal, American Smoothie, Translucent, Witblits etc.

3. Carolina Classic Dragons LLC

Carolina Classic Dragons is owned by David Freeman and it is based in Raleigh, California. David is an experienced bearded dragon breeder with over 25 years in herpetology and a B.S. in Biological Science. If you’d like to buy a premium bearded dragon from an expert breeder, this is the right place.

Prior to purchase, Carolina Classic Dragons sends multiple pictures of the dragon to customer. In case of inconveniences or dissatisfaction, David is open to exchange or return of the animal, only if Carolina Classic Dragons is noticed within 12 hours to discuss the situation.

To purchase a bearded dragon, send them an email creating an “Inquire About the Dragon” on the website. Then, Carolina Classic Dragons communicates the additional information such as shipping details, payment, etc. upfront in writing.

The dragons are pretty expensive and do not include shipping. For example, you’ll pay $300 for a Hypo Het Trans Dunner Leartherback, $400 for a Hypo Trans Dunner or $575 Hypo Het Trans Genetic Stripe Dunner Leatherback. On the other hand, Carolina Classic Dragons guarantees 100% satisfaction.

Carolina Classic Dragons guarantees for the health and live arrival of the animal.

Sexing is not guaranteed, but then again they are doing the best efforts to accurately sex the bearded dragons.

Morph Variety: Citrus Leatherbacks, Rainbow Dunners, Citrus Tigers, Witblits, Orange Leatherbacks, Hypo Citrus Tigers, Red Bearded Dragons, Hypo Citrus Dunners and more.

4. CB Reptile

CB Reptile is a family-operated business specialized in captive bred reptiles for sale. Their breeding facility [with an on-site biologist] is located in Galloway, New Jersey.

CB Reptile is one of the best suppliers of good quality baby bearded dragon in the USA. They sell bearded dragons of all ages: hatchlings, well started babies, juveniles and adults.

A seven day health guarantee is offered. If the bearded dragon passes away within 7 days guarantee, CB Reptile replaces it for free [minus the shipping cost]. However, they request several photos as proof of proper care such as habitat photos, heating element, UV light, proper substrate and food/water access photos.

Shipping fee is $39.95 on additional or replacement animal. All bearded dragons arrive via UPS or FedEx Overnight Shipping.

CB Reptile customer support is done via email inquiry [on the website] or by phone. Nevertheless, CB Reptile staff recommends using email as the most efficient way to contact them for actual support related questions.

Morph Variety: Zero Bearded Dragons, Red Bearded Dragons, Inferno Bearded Dragons, Silkie Bearded Dragons, Citrus Bearded Dragons, Wiblit Bearded Dragons, Leatherback, Hypo and more.

5. Dachiu Bearded Dragons

Dachiu DragonsOpens in a new tab. is a family owned business operating in Pennsylvania for 25 years. They are well known for the amazing selection of bearded dragon morphs.

Dachiu Bearded Dragons sells 6-7 inches in length baby dragons. Their morphs have good genetics and are usually sold in no time.

A health guarantee is offered on all bearded dragons for six weeks after purchase.

Shipping charge [per box] is $45.00 within Pennsylvania zone. Shipping cost for all other zones is $50.00. All bearded dragons are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight. If you order more than one animal, there are no extra shipping charges.

Dachiu husbands are attentive to customers. Any questions or concerns can be addressed by phone in the working hours.

Accepted Online Payment: PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover by phone (debit or credit). Money by order payments requires Priority Mail and tracking number.

Morph Variety: Red, Orange and Yellow Color, Hypomelanistics, Leatherbacks, Translucent, Hypotranslucent, Dunner, Genetic Stripes, Witblits, Paradox Bearded Dragons.

6. LLL Reptile

LLL Reptile sells captive bred Australian bearded dragons supplied by reputable breeders in the US.

LLL Reptiles developed a strong reputation over time. In 2021 they celebrate 25 years in the reptile business. The animals are handled by knowledgeable professionals. Normally the dragons arrive healthy and in perfect condition. LLL Reptile is also known for great customer service and friendly staff.

LLL Reptile provides live and health arrival guarantee plus three days guarantee after arrival for each animal. Sexing guarantee is also included.

LLL Reptile is reasonably priced; prices start from $59.99 for baby bearded dragons and go up to $120 depending on color and genetics.

After placing an online order, LLL Reptile staff contacts the client within 24 hours to schedule the shipping day. Shipping costs include the $39.95 shipping charge plus $5.95 packing fee. The bearded dragons are delivered via UPS overnight.

Any problems upon arrival must be addressed within 24 hours. Help or questions can be asked through an online inquiry [on the website] or via phone call.

Accepted Online Payment: VISA, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal and Discover. Pre-payment by money are also accepted.

Morph Variety: Baby Bearded Dragons, Baby Leatherback Bearded Dragons, Baby Hypo Bearded Dragons, Baby Hypo Leatherback Bearded Dragons, Small Super Red Bearded Dragons.

7. Big Apple Herp

Big Apple Herp sells captive bred reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas and scorpions within the United States. Big Apple Herp sells bearded dragons of different ages and types such as Red, Citrus, Leatherback, Translucent, Hypo Red Leatherback, Normal, Hypo Snow, Citrus Leatherback etc. You can also purchase some bearded dragons on sale.

Bearded Dragon prices are affordable; they start from $49 and go up to $680. Photos of the purchased reptile are sent only when reptile purchases exceed 500$. The reason is the huge daily volume of requests for photos.

The dragons are shipped via Next Day Air. Shipping charges include $ 39.95 overnight delivery plus $10 packaging.

All animals have a three day live and health guarantee after arrival.

Sexing is not guaranteed. Big Apple Herp charges a 10$ fee [Sexing Service] to determine the gender of the animal. Make sure to check their Live Animal Policy and FAQ before purchasing.

Accepted Online Payment: American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, Sezzle Payment Plan.

Morph Variety: Red, Citrus, Leatherback, Translucent, Hypo Red Leatherback, Normal, Hypo Snow, Citrus Leatherback.


Altogether, the options to purchase healthy, unique morphs online are numerous. Whether you decide to go with a breeder, small business or retail store, Reptile Area encourages you to examine the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative. Only you know what’s good for you and remember, is important to settle on whatever suits you best.

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