250+ BEST Bearded Dragon Names [PLUS Their Meanings]

Let’s face it! Naming a pet is no easy task. In fact, 2 years ago when I bought my Labrador Retriever, I had a really hard time coming up with a name to highlight its personality. However, my girlfriend came up with a few helpful suggestions and we narrowed our options down to Yuki or Bear.

Choosing a name for your Bearded Dragon can be pretty difficult as well, but in today’s post, I’m going to share with you my personal process for choosing a name for a Bearded Dragon, while I will still provide you with a list of special, god-like names for Bearded Dragons.

If you’re a Game of Thrones, Harry Potter or Marvel fan, I will have some bearded dragon names that I think you will really like. But if you’re more of a Pop Culture enthusiast, I’ve got you covered as well. How about those of you that think Greek Mythology has some really cool names that make a great fit for a Dragon? Do I have to say it? So sit back, relax, open your heart and let it come to you.

Tips For Naming Your Bearded Dragon

Most Captive Bearded Dragons can live up to 14 years, so think about the lasting power of that name. You will share you pet’s name with your family and friends, so name your Dragon like you would name your kid. Ensure that the name of your Dragon makes sense to you, in the event of having to explain its meaning.

While most people name their pets on appearance, sex or temperament, you really don’t have to. Don’t judge yourself if you follow your heart and intuition. Choose whatever you think is a good fit for your Bearded Dragon.

Male Bearded Dragon Names

If you’re looking for male bearded dragon names, then look no further as I have plenty of options for you to choose from. Remember that one of the names from this particular list is the name of my dragon, so maybe you’d like to share it with me in case we have chosen the same one.

  1. Snowy [That’s rather ironic since Bearded Dragons naturally live in the desert]
  2. Jerry [For the Seinfeld fans out there]
  3. Cranky [For bad tempered, eccentric Dragons]
  4. Elon [For going-to-mars fans]
  5. Ronny [Can’t think of any Ronny manly personality]
  6. Andy [For What’s with Andy? fans]
  7. Ace [It means “One, Unity” in Latin]
  8. Aldo [It means “Old, Wise” in Italian]
  9. Aiden [It means “little an fiery” in Irish]
  10. Anton [It means “priceless one” in Latin]
  11. Asher [It means “fortunate, blessed” in Hebrew]
  12. Bruno [It means “brown” in German]
  13. Felix [It means “happy, fortunate” in Latin]
  14. Gabriel [It means “God is my strength” in Hebrew – also my second name]
  15. Jasper [It means “bringer of treasure” in Persian]
  16. Jesse [It means “gift” in Hebrew]
  17. Levi [It means “joined, attached” in Hebrew]
  18. Milo [It means “soldier or merciful” in German]
  19. Oliver [It means “olive tree” in Latin]
  20. Otis [It means “wealthy” in German]
  21. Sawyer [For the Lost or Tom Sawyer fans out there]
  22. Theo [It means “divine gift” in Greek]
  23. Alvin [It means “wise friend” in Old English]
  24. Axel [For Guns ‘N’ Roses fans]
  25. Chester [It means “walled town”]

Female Bearded Dragon Names

  1. Alessia [It means “defending warrior” in Italian]
  2. Amara [It means “strong, attractive” in Latin]
  3. Avery [It means “wise” in French]
  4. Claire [It means “bright, clear, famous, brilliant” in Latin]
  5. Cora [It means “filled heart” in Greek]
  6. Eva [It means “life” in Hebrew]
  7. Farrah [It means “happy” in Arabic]
  8. Grace [It means “goodness, generosity” in Latin]
  9. Kalila [It means “heap of love” in Arabic]
  10. Malia [It means “beloved” in Hawaiian]
  11. Mia [It means “mine, wished-for child” in Latin]
  12. Naila [It means “successful” in Arabic]
  13. Nora [It means “shinning light” in Greek]
  14. Zahra [It means “flower” in Arabic]
  15. Zoe [It means “life” in Greek]
  16. Ava [It means “bird” in German and it is the Hebrew form of Eve]
  17. Belle [It means “beautiful” in French]
  18. Colette [It means “victorious” in French]
  19. Eden [It means “delight” in Hebrew]
  20. Holly [It means “to prick” in Old English]
  21. June [It means “young” in Latin]
  22. Kiera [It means “little dark one” in Irish]
  23. Lulu [It means “famous warrior” in Latin]
  24. Luna [It means “moon” in Latin]
  25. Marnie [It means “rejoice” in Hebrew & “off the sea” in Latin]

Baby Bearded Dragon Names [Male & Female]

I wouldn’t recommend going for baby names, though. Think long term instead. He/She won’t be a baby forever. As previously mentioned, Bearded Dragons live quite long lives, so make sure you choose one you will be happy with for the next – hopefully – 16 years.

  1. Nova [It means “new” in Latin]
  2. Chico [It means “small, boy, child” in Spanish]
  3. Minnie [It means” off the see or bitter” in Old English]
  4. Pip [It means “lover of horses” in Old English]
  5. Bitsy [It means “pledged to God” in Hebrew]
  6. Chickie [It means “little gift” in Spanish]
  7. Dearie [It means “beloved person” in Old English. Anglo-Saxon name]
  8. Giggles [Well…]
  9. Kiki [It means “double happiness” in French]
  10. Laddie [It means “manservant, young man” in Middle English]
  11. Lassie [It means “young lady” in Scottish]
  12. Muddles [English Medieval Surname]
  13. Smiley [Usually a nickname given to a smiley person]
  14. Tabby [It means “gazelle” in Aramaic]
  15. Tilly [It means “strength in battle” in German]
  16. Teddy [It means “divine gift” and is of English origin]
  17. Piku [It means “innocent” in Indian]
  18. Silky [It means “sweet” in Indian]
  19. Cloudy [Well…]
  20. Choo Choo [It means “a child’s word for a railway train or locomotive.” in Chinese]
  21. Frisky [Have no idea but it sounds nice]
  22. Goofy [It simply means silly]
  23. Jonty [It means “little John” in Scottish]
  24. Snuggles [It means “cozies up to human” in American English]
  25. Yuki [It means “happiness, snow flower, snow princess” in Japanese]

Funny/Hilarious Bearded Dragon Names

If you want your pet’s name to make you laugh out loud every time you pronounce it, then I totally recommend you to choose one of this list. Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Big Daddy
  2. Speechless Gollum
  3. Farty
  4. Selfie D
  5. Snoop Beardie [If Snoop Dogg can do it]
  6. Smokey [They like bad odor so much that they absorb it through their skin]
  7. Glassy [For big time glass-surfers]
  8. Lover Boy
  9. Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart [Plenty of them enjoy Mozart tunes]
  10. B.D. [Bearded Dragon]
  11. Lil’ B
  12. Bumfuzzle [It means “to confuse or fluster” in English]
  13. Diddly-squat
  14. Dongle
  15. Tarzan
  16. Gobbledegook
  17. Jackalope
  18. Mugwump
  19. Snarky
  20. Snollygoster
  21. Booty
  22. Discombobulate
  23. Collywobbles
  24. Flummox
  25. Gazump

Cute Bearded Dragon Names [Male & Female]

If you think you own the cutest Dragon in the entire world, then the cutest think would need the cutest name for him/her. Let’s go on.

  1. Waffles [It just sounds cute]
  2. Koko [Japanese name]
  3. Chinky [It means “cute” in Old English]
  4. Bebo [It means “loved one” in Hindi]
  5. Snoopy [It means “curious or inquisitive”]
  6. Snookie [After Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi]
  7. Whoopie [It means “celebration” in American English]
  8. Lil [It means “pure” in English]
  9. Boo [As in Honey Boo Boo]
  10. Bubba [It means “brother” in American English]
  11. Peach [Like the fruit]
  12. Hon’ [Honey]
  13. Cutie Patootie
  14. Hoops
  15. Bambi [It means “little child, bambino” in Italian]
  16. Beefy
  17. Pumpkin
  18. Coo Coo
  19. Dimples [It means “family” in Old English]
  20. Doofy [It means “doofus” in Latin]
  21. Foodie
  22. Noodles
  23. Monkey
  24. Spanky [It means “gift of god” and is of Dominican Republic origin]
  25. Stinker

Badass Bearded Dragon Names [Male & Female]

If your Bearded Dragon has a badass-like personality, it’s time to take a look at my recommendations for badass bearded dragon names:

  1. Berreta [Gun-like name for a badass bearded dragon]
  2. Ax
  3. Blade
  4. Blaze
  5. Breaker
  6. Gunner
  7. Buster
  8. Crash
  9. Dagger
  10. Danger
  11. Hero
  12. Hunter
  13. Jagger
  14. Hurricane
  15. King
  16. Maddox
  17. Ranger
  18. Rocket
  19. Se7en
  20. Stone
  21. Storm
  22. Striker
  23. Tornado
  24. Wilder
  25. Zane

Exotic Bearded Dragon Names [Male & Female]

Maybe at the end of the day an exotic pet needs nothing more than an exotic name. Here’s a list of exotic names for bearded dragons:

  1. Sofia [It means “wise” in Greek]
  2. Asher [Hebrew Origin]
  3. Layla [Arabic Origin]
  4. Santiago [Spanish Origin]
  5. Philomena [It means “lover of strength” in Greek]
  6. Ingrid [It means “beautiful” in German]
  7. Milagros [It means “miracle” in Spanish]
  8. Diamonique [It means “high value”]
  9. Serilda [It means “a maiden in battle armor”]
  10. Francoise [It means “free” in French]
  11. Antoinette [It means “beyond praise” in French]
  12. Maya [It means “daughter of Atlas”]
  13. Elise [It means “oath of God”]
  14. Lilja [An Icelandic name. It means “lily”]
  15. Akila [It means “intelligent” in Egyptian]
  16. Mumbi [It means “mother of the people”]
  17. Zaliki [It means “well-born”]
  18. Svana [It means “swan”]
  19. Corazon [It means “heart” in Spanish]
  20. Esperanza [It means “hope” in Spanish]
  21. Selena [It means “moon goddess”]
  22. Lucia [It means “light” in Latin]
  23. Nur [It also means “light” but in Arabic]
  24. Femi [It means “love”]
  25. Merni [It means “pure”]

Greek God Bearded Dragon Names [Male & Female]

Are you a fan of Greek Mythology? Well, if that’s the case, take a look at that list as well. If not, just skip this one and go on with the next list. Let’s start:

  1. Zeus [God o the Sky]
  2. Hera [Goddess of Marriage]
  3. Poseidon [God of the Sea]
  4. Demeter [Goddess of Agriculture]
  5. Ares [God of War]
  6. Athena [Goddess of Wisdom]
  7. Apollo [God of Archery, Music, etc]
  8. Artemis [Goddess of the Moon]
  9. Hephaestus [God of Blacksmiths & Fire]
  10. Aphrodite [Goddess of Love & Beauty]
  11. Hermes [God of Roadways & Travelers]
  12. Dionysus [God of Wine]
  13. Hades [God of the Underworld]
  14. Hypnos [God of Sleep]
  15. Nike [Goddess of Victory]
  16. Janus [God of Beginnings]
  17. Nemesis [Goddess of Revenge]
  18. Iris [Goddess of the Rainbow]
  19. Hecate [Goddess of Magic]
  20. Tyche [Goddess of Good Luck & Fortune]

Biblical Bearded Dragon Names [Male & Female]

If you’re a good Christian and looking for a Biblical name, I’ve got you covered. Let’s see the list:

  1. Ada [It means “noble, happy” in Hebrew]
  2. Anna [It means “favor, grace” in Hebrew]
  3. Bethany [It means “house of affliction” in Hebrew]
  4. Candace [It means “pure” in Latin]
  5. Damaris [It means “calm, gentle” in Greek]
  6. Delilah [It means “delicate” in Hebrew]
  7. Esther [It means “star” in Persian]
  8. Eunice [It means “good victory” in Greek]
  9. Hagar [It means “flight” in Hebrew]
  10. Jael [It means “mountain goat” in Hebrew]
  11. Jemimah [It means “dove” in Hebrew]
  12. Joanna [It means “God is gracious” in Hebrew]
  13. Kezi [It means “cinnamon” in Hebrew]
  14. Leah [It means “weary” in Hebrew]
  15. Lois [It means “superior” in Greek]
  16. Martha [It means “the lady” in Aramaic]
  17. Naomi [It means “pleasant” in Hebrew]
  18. Noa [It means “movement” in Hebrew]
  19. Rhoda [It means “rose” in Greek]
  20. Ruth [It means “friend” in Hebrew]

Bearded Dragon Name Generator

I find it very hard to believe, but if you really didn’t find anything on any of the lists shared today, maybe you will find the idea of a Bearded Dragon/Reptile Name Generator helpful. Check the one from the link out and see how it works for you.

I really hope you found today’s list helpful, and if you did, please leave a comment below and let know what did you choose.



Least but not last, if you tell me how you named your dragon I promise to tell you how I named mine.

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