5 BEST Bearded Dragon Carpet Substrates

When you’re designing your bearded dragon’s cage, your options for flooring or “substrate” in your bearded dragon’s enclosure are more or less limited. Your options for bearded dragon bedding fall into 2 BIG categories: Loose Particle Substrates and Non-Particle Substrates.

However, since not all substrates are created equal, some of them can do more harm than good to your bearded dragon. The idea behind bearded dragon substrates – safe bearded bearded dragon substrates – is to make them feel more like home, keep them happy, and most importantly to keep them healthy.

While most websites will give you an overview view of best bearded dragon substrates, this is what I believe to be the best online resource listing the best carpet bearded dragon substrates. In less than 5 minutes, this article will teach you the following:

  • The Different Types of Bearded Dragon Substrates Available
  • The PROS and CONS Behind Each Substrate
  • The BEST Way To Keep Your Dragon’s Substrate Clean
  • MUCH More

I promise you that if you follow along and read this entire article, you will have a GREAT understanding of what are the BEST bearded dragon substrates.

BUT…For Those Of You In A Hurry

Buyer’s Tip: These specific Carpet Bearded Dragon Substrates [Substrate #1Opens in a new tab., Substrate #2Opens in a new tab., Substrate #3Opens in a new tab.] are most popular on Amazon amongst bearded dragon owners, mostly because they’re fairly priced, high-quality, safe, and easy to maintain.

NoCarpet SubstratesPriceGallonsPROS
1Zilla Bedding [Green – Red]$8,99 to $21,4910 to 125-Gallon– Easy to spot-clean
– Double sided
– Adjustable Size
22-Pack Zilla Liner $27,9875 Gallon– Easy to spot-clean
– Double sided
– Adjustable Size
32-Pack Zilla Liner [Green]$19,9855 Gallon– Easy to spot-clean
– Double sided
– Adjustable Size
42-Pack Zilla Bedding [Green]$24,28 50 Gallon– Easy to spot-clean
– Double sided
– Adjustable Size
52-Pack Zilla Substrate [Green]$13,5829 Gallon– Easy to spot-clean
– Double sided
– Adjustable Size

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BEST Bearded Dragon Carpet Substrates

First of all, I want to congratulate you for choosing carpet as substrate for your bearded dragon. Carpet substrate is the best possible substrate because it poses absolutely ZERO health risks.

Due to its rough texture, the carpet can NOT be ingested or irritate your dragon’s skin. Additionally, the carpet can be cut to size to fit ANY tank or terrarium. I will also include the sizes available for each recommendation so that you can scan through this article easily and effectively.

However, the carpet is not exactly the easiest substrate to clean. In fact, the biggest downside is that you need 2 carpet substrates…ideally. The thing is that you gonna have to hand it outside to dry after each cleaning session, but other than that it is the absolute best bearded dragon substrate.

Spoiler Alert: At the END of this article I will also teach you how to properly clean carpet substrate, so make sure to stick with me till the end.

1. Zilla Reptile Bedding [10-125 Gallon, Green or Red]

The #1 reason Zilla Reptile Bedding LinerOpens in a new tab. comes in on the first spot is because it comes in a variety of sizes from 10 to 125 gallons. I find it very useful to be able to buy a 125 gallon carpet substrate and cut it to the size of your dragon’s cage.

This carpet is an Amazon Bestseller with almost 4,000 reviews. It can be used for different reptiles, but it does a perfect job for bearded dragons since it can not be digested and will not irritate bearded dragons.

Carpet substrates – like this one – have been used as substrates for small lizards for at least 15 years. Based on that experience the carpet is considered the absolute best substrate for bearded dragons. But you already know that since you’re looking for carpet substrates specifically.


  • Variety of Sizes [10 to 125 Gallon]
  • Colors: Green & Red
  • Low Maintenance Bedding
  • Can Be Cut To The Size As Needed
  • Cannot Be Digested Like Other Substrates
  • Treated With Special Enzymes That Reduces Odors
  • Dimensions: 17.25 – 71 Inches

Generally, carpet substrates tend to keep odors between washes, so ensure that the carpet is 100% dry before putting it back in your bearded dragon’s cage.

2. 2-Pack Zilla Reptile Liner [75 Gallon, Green]

The 2-Pack Zilla Reptile Liner [75 Gallon, Green]Opens in a new tab. is the PERFECT size carpet. You will notice that from now on I will only recommend 2-Pack Zilla Liners, and here’s why:

  1. You need to switch them out after sanitizing them.
  2. You need backups in case you have to deal with a “smelly” situation
  3. Fairly priced

Each carpet is pretty much the same so I really don’t want to spend a lot of time repeating myself. Same things apply to this one as well. This pack has over 60 reviews on Amazon at the time I’m writing this article.

I also like the size of the carpet as it gives you room to play with it in case you need to cut it to fit your dragon’s cage. Most owners go for 75 Gallon tanks, so this may be just the perfect size for you.

Either way, it is good to know that carpets are adjustable in size, easy to clean, and provide your dragon’s cage with a fresh, clean, nice-looking decor.

3. 2-Pack Zilla Reptile Bedding [55 Gallon, Green]

The 2-Pack Zilla Reptile Bedding [55 Gallon, Green]Opens in a new tab. is a medium-sized carpet substrate. Depending on the size of your cage, this may be or may not be the best solution for you.

This one costs a bit less when compared to the first 2 options on this list, but that’s mostly because of its smaller size. And because of that, make sure to measure your dragon’s tank before buying a specific item from today’s list.

The product is less expensive than the same carpet substrate size at the pet store but has the same great quality.

4. 2-Pack Zilla Reptile Substrate [50 Gallon, Green]

The 2 Pack Zilla Reptile Substrate [50 Gallon, Green]Opens in a new tab. is the exact same reptile bedding you can find at Petco…only cheaper. This one is a bit thicker than the ones previously mentioned, which is why is a bit expensive in spite of its smaller size.

With that additional material comes both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it fits better in your dragon’s cage and looks a bit better…like it is part of the tank.

However, the drawback is that it takes longer to dry than the usual carpet substrate. I’d recommend waiting for the carpet to dry 100% before putting it back in your dragon’s cage otherwise it might grow some kind of fungus.

Despite of their unusual thickness, the carpet can be easily cut to fit in your dragon’s cage. Additionally, know that they don’t really hold any bad smell as they get soiled. I do recommend, however, to not let them get really gross.

5. 2-Pack Zilla Reptile Substrate [29 Gallon, Green]

The 2-Pack Zilla Reptile Substrate [29 Gallon, Green]Opens in a new tab. is the PERFECT carpet substrate for smaller bearded dragon enclosures. Generally, it is recommended that you change your dragon’s carpet once every 4 to 6 months.

If you’re owning a juvenile or baby bearded dragon I assume you’re housing him in a 20 to 30 gallon tank, which makes this particular carpet the perfect size for your dragon’s needs. This one is also WAY cheaper than the other ones on this list.

In conclusion, I want you to know that I have been buying Zilla substrates for a few years now, and the #1 reason I go back for more is because they are easy to lay down in the tank, can be cut to the size of your tank, are easy to clean, they look nice, are way safer than other substrates, but they will also provide your dragon with a nice, safe, healthy walking/laying area.

Cleaning Carpet Substrates

While some other types of substrates are more difficult to clean and maintain, carpet substrates are fairly easy to clean. Assuming you already decided upon a carpet substrate for your bearded dragon, here’s what you need to do when it comes to cleaning it.

Buyer’s Tip: EVERY owners will have to deal with a reptile’s smell at some point, so if that’s your case, I strongly recommend you to use this Reptile Odor EliminatorOpens in a new tab. from Amazon that actually eliminates odor at a molecular level. This is what I’m using and it works great every single time.

How To Clean Reptile Carpet Substrate

Don’t EVER let waste sit on carpet flooring more than it needs to. Ideally, waste should be removed immediately otherwise you may not be able to remove the odor completely ever again.

However, if you are careful enough and remove bearded dragon waste in a decent timeframe and perform deep cleaning ideally one a month, carpet substrate is the absolute best substrate you could ever get your hands on.

As for spot cleaning, I recommend that you go for a non-toxic cleaner of your choosing. Personally, the Carolina Custom Cages Chlorhexidine SolutionOpens in a new tab. is what I usually recommend for disinfecting carpet flooring.

For deep cleaning you can simply throw the carpet into the washer and wash it with mild flagrance-free soap. Make sure to read your carpet’s instruction to find out manufacturer’s instruction on how to properly wash the carpet.

Some carpet substrates can be washed with hot water while others should only be washed using cold water.

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