5 BEST Bearded Dragon Books EVERY Owner Should Read

Bearded dragons don’t come with instruction manuals, but the BEST bearded dragon care books from experienced owners and breeders can certainly help you figure out how to care for your bearded dragon. Let’s not not forget about bonding, diet, and cage setup as these are also important aspects you need to understand when owning a lizard.

I have read over 10 Bearded Dragon Care Books in the last couple of months because I wanted to really test the water and do proper research for this article. The books from this list have helped a lot of people care for bearded dragons over the years, and they’re some of the top rated books on the internet when it comes to bearded dragon care.

The books from this list will also provide you with information about behavior, dietary needs, temperature, tank size, decor ideas, accessories, and the list could go on and on. Remember that each one of these books focuses on teaching both beginners and seasoned owners care for their bearded dragons.

Use this list to jump on to the reviews:

  1. Book #1: The Bearded Dragon Manual By Philippe De Vosjoil
  2. Book #2: Book #2: The Bearded Dragon Manual [Advanced Vivarium Systems] by Philippe De Vosjoli
  3. Book #3: Book #3: Bearded Dragons [Complete Herp Care] By Philip Purser
  4. Book #4: Book #4: I Want A Bearded Dragon by Tristan Pulsifer
  5. Book #5: Book #5: Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide To Ownership & Care by Kate Pellham

Before We Get To The List

Before we get to the list and take a look at some of the best, top rated bearded dragon care books, I’d like to point out some of the skills EVERY owner needs when caring for a bearded dragon.

This is important because I have reviewed these books based on these considerations. Some books provide deep, meaningful information on bearded dragon habitat, whereas others are more focused on diet and behavior. Decide what it is exactly that you’re looking for and only then purchase a specific book.

Consideration #1: What Others Say

Of course, the first thing people usually do when considering buying a book is looking at what others say about that specific book. But don’t just look at the start rating, try to really read the reviews and understand the reviews.

However, since I have read each and every book from this list, I really didn’t want to check the Amazon reviews as I wanted to have an unbiased, 100% authentic opinion on each and every book.

I even took notes while reading each one of them to help me differentiate them and come up with an effective system that would help me rate them in a helpful, decent manner. In conclusion, you can read my review of the darn book or spend half an hour reading other people’s reviews.

Also remember that this is a BEST 5 article, so don’t be surprised to see that I have good things to share about each one of the books. I have read over 10 books, but only included these 5 as I think they are the absolute best. Of course, I’ll have some PROS & CONS for each one of them, but you can rest assured that these are indeed the BEST Bearded Dragon Care Books Online.

Consideration #2: Your Needs

Second of all, you will have to pay close attention to your needs. If it’s diet you REALLY struggle with, maybe you should direct your focus on bearded dragon books that are extremely useful for people trying to come up with a decent, healthy, well-balanced bearded dragon dietary schedule.

However, if you have the complex dietary needs of bearded dragons all figured out and you feel like temperature and cage setup as a whole is something you need to learn more about, then that’s what you should be focusing on.

I will rate each one of these aspects so you can know exactly what to expect from each one of the books from today’s list. Hopefully, this will help you make an educated decision that will help you better care for your bearded dragon from now on.

Consideration #3: Author’s Reputation

Needless to say that you need a book that is written by someone who know what they’re talking about. In my opinion, you really don’t need to be a veterinarian with over 20 years of experience of raising, caring for, and treating bearded dragons.

In fact, you will realize that bearded dragon owners can deliver you with some nice information suited to your purpose. Of course, vets know a lot about bearded dragons but they don’t have the beginner in mind when writing a book.

That’s why I believe that buying a book that has been written by a bearded dragon owner can provide you with highly helpful, meaningful and actionable information. Same can be told about bearded dragon breeders.

BEST Bearded Dragon Care Books

There are plenty of helpful books and eBooks about reptiles and amphibians out there, but in today’s post we will focus 100% on the BEST Bearded Dragon Books.

Below you will find some of the best, well-received books on bearded dragons. From diet and behavior to habitat and lighting, I’ve got you all covered. Let’s get into it.

BEST Bearded Dragon Book #1: The Bearded Dragon Manual By Philippe De Vosjoil

Author Philippe De Vosjoil is a bestselling author of more than 30 books and hundreds of articles on the care of reptiles, as well as amphibians and rare plants. He is certainly an authority in the reptile care community and this particular book is an Amazon BestsellerOpens in a new tab. and has hundreds of great reviews.

The book has great information for beginners but also for experienced bearded dragon owners. In fact, you will find plenty of useful information about diet, how to setup a habitat for your bearded dragon, and much more.

Additionally, if you are looking for a book to do your research before buying a bearded dragon, this comes as a great piece of information. It has information on how to choose the best bearded dragon for you, as well as what to expect from owning a pet lizard.

The one thing that sets this book apart from the first one is that it also contains general information on common diseases in bearded dragons, as well as how to react.

Lastly, the book will teach you how to properly care for pet bearded dragons, but will also help you understand their behavior, which is of extreme importance for the life being of any pet bearded dragon.


  • Great For Both NEW & Experienced Owners
  • Beautiful Illustrations of Different Bearded Dragon Morphs
  • Clear, Concise & Well Laid Out
  • Contains In-Depth Care, Diet, Habitat Guides
  • History & Characteristics of Different Bearded Dragon Morphs
  • Teaches You How To Choose The BEST Dragons For Breeding Purposes
  • Step-by-Step Guide on Egg-Laying & Incubation

I could write an entire article about this book alone. That’s how good this book is. Basically, this is an essential reading for all bearded dragon owners regardless of their experience.

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BEST Bearded Dragon Book #2: The Bearded Dragon Manual [Advanced Vivarium Systems] by Philippe De Vosjoli

Philippe De Vosjoli’s Book is another great book Philippe wrote that finds its way on my BEST 5 Bearded Dragon Books. This book is WAY cheaper than the first one. In fact, at the time I am writing this article, you can purchase this book from Amazon for as less as $5,30. That’s more than 60% discount.

I really enjoyed reading this book as it has great, creative, unique information I couldn’t find anywhere else. In this particular book, Philippe is making a point from the importance of understanding that, like humans, bearded dragons undergo changes in growth and development, which is a KEY element every dragon owners NEEDS to understand and make proper adjustments based on your reptile’s unique lifestyle.

The books is packed with plenty of information about lighting, habitat, behavior, as well as a age-based dietary schedule, making it the perfect choice for NEW bearded dragon owners and not only.


  • Written by Experts [Veterinarians: Dr. Susan Donoghue, Herp Expert: Philippe De Vosjoli]
  • Information on Properly Selecting a Dragon
  • Feeding Management
  • Behavior
  • Habitat
  • Easy To Read
  • Great Reviews

Herb expert Jerry Cole has included a four-page chart for troubleshooting bearded dragon health issues, which is my opinion is not only unique and hard to come by in your regular bearded dragon resources, but it is also essential for the life being of your reptile friend.

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BEST Bearded Dragon Book #3: Bearded Dragons [Complete Herp Care] By Philip Purser

This reference bookOpens in a new tab. is GREAT for new bearded dragon owners. It has some basic information on diet and habitat. It’s a great book for people starting their journey as bearded dragon parents, but I personally believe it is not extensive enough for seasoned bearded dragon owners.

This book is a bit short on certain details such as feeding different types of foods, medical issues, etc., but it is a great book to start with. In fact, I do recommend this book for new bearded dragon owners just because will help you gain the basic knowledge needed to start your bearded dragon parent journey.

In conclusion, this book is VERY informative and the perfect choice for beginner bearded dragon owners. This will help you learn every basic piece of information on how to care for pet bearded dragons. From habitat and diet to lighting and behavior, this book has you covered.


  • Great Basic Information
  • Good For Beginners Of ALL Ages
  • Nice, Helpful Illustrations
  • VERY Informative
  • Written In a Way That Is Easy To Understand
  • Clear, Concise & Well Laid Out

BEST Bearded Dragon Book #4: I Want A Bearded Dragon by Tristan Pulsifer

Tristan Pulsifer’s Book is another good option for people wanting to learn more about pet dragons. This is a great book for people who want to get to the nitty-gritty of bearded dragons. Here’s a quick summary of what you will get from reading this book.

  1. Where To Buy a Bearded Dragon
  2. BEST Tank Setup For Bearded Dragons
  3. What Do Bearded Dragons Eat
  4. Keeping a Bearded Dragon Healthy & Happy
  5. MUCH More

Although you don’t need a book to teach you things like where to buy one from or what’s the best tank size/setup for bearded dragons, I have to admit that is useful for new owners to have all that information in one place.

Especially when there’s so much to learn about them. It may feel overwhelming sometimes, so having all the information in one place is a great place to start for new owners. Of course, that applies to all the books on today’s list, but here’s what I like about this one.


  • Easy To Read
  • Great For Kids
  • Very Informative
  • Experience-Based Information
  • Great Start For NEW Owners
  • Basic Information

Lastly, I don’t recommend this book alone. While this is a great book for beginners, you may need to buy another one after reading this one to make sure you have access to a more in-depth resource on how to properly care for bearded dragons.

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BEST Bearded Dragon Book #5: Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide To Ownership & Care by Kate Pellham

Kate Pellham’s Book is for those wanting to learn everything there’s is to know about caring for pet bearded dragons. The good and the bad. The book comes as a great resource for all kinds of owners. From kids to adults and from beginners to seasoned owners, this is a great choice.

If you are not a big fan of researching online, this book will deliver you with all the information you need. This is not a reference book, but it is very informative. The #1 reason I included this book on today’s post is mainly because it seems to me like it has been written by a common owner like me and you, which will provide you with more niched-down answers to questions veterinarians and experts don’t usually indulge in answering.

However, the book is not very well written, but after reading it, I can’t just ignore the useful information shared with us by the author, so if you’re looking for a book that is perfectly written and edited, you shouldn’t purchase this one.

If you are looking for a helpful, informative book that is cheaper than most bearded dragon care books available on Amazon, while still has a great deal of good reviews, then this is it.


  • Very Informative
  • Complete Care Guides For Bearded Dragon Owners
  • Great Price
  • Daily-How Care Information
  • Many Helpful, Experience-Based Recommendations

The lack of illustrations make me have second thoughts about this book, but thank God it has useful information. The book also lacks information on sexing, health issues, or the bearded dragon itself, which may be a problem since you may need to read another book to get access to the whole package.

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Finally, I would like to point out that you really don’t need to read 10 books [as I did] to get the ins and outs of properly caring for bearded dragons. I did that to make sure I come up with educated, well-researched recommendations.

The BEST possible book your could buy is the one that fits your needs the best.

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