About Us

Hi Dear Readers,

Welcome to Reptile Area!

I’m Sorin – the guy behind reptilearea.com. I’m 26 years old and I’m a LIFELONG reptile LOVER & CARETAKER.

For the time being, I am the main writer here at ReptileArea.com.

Here’s the place where I put down ALL thoughts and questions in regards to Bearded Dragons, Geckos and Snakes Care. From Diet & Habitat to Lighting, Caging & Much More.

When I first become interested in Reptiles as Pets I had LITTLE to NO knowledge about them, but over time that changed significantly.

Every time I am curious about something, I do my research and come up with a structured, helpful and in-depth article meant to deliver you with ACTIONABLE CONTENT rather than have you spend hours and hours to come up with your own formula.

I know how it feels to be googling something and to find yourself in a situation where you need to read dozens of articles before learning everything there’s to know about a given topic.

If that’s your case or you’re just NEW to this and looking for useful information on how to care for your Reptile Pet, you’ve come to the right place as I believe I have a lot of Information worth-sharing in regards to Bearded Dragons and Reptile Pets in general.

Be aware that we’re only sharing our experience and knowledge about Reptile Pets. We’re NOT experts but we do know our stuff.


What ReptileArea.com is ALL About?

ReptileArea.com is a Blog designed to HELP you find everything you need to know about being a Reptile Pet Owner. From Bearded Dragons & Geckos to Snakes & Chameleons, we’ve got you covered.

As a Reptile Pet Owner, it is VERY important to learn how to properly care for and understand your pet. This is where ReptileArea.com can help you by providing you with HELPFUL & ACTIONABLE content.

Regardless of your experience as a Reptile Pet Owner, this Website will help you either improve your knowledge about Reptile Pets or choose the right Reptile Pet for you.

I truly hope that this Website will help you better care for and understand your Reptile Pet so that you can provide him with a BETTER life. One he deserves.

What’s The Plan For The Future

We don’t plan in hiring for writing services for our Blog. We would rather write the content ourselves and check every piece of information prior to publishing.

Our plan for the future is having every piece of content published on ReptileArea.com checked by veterinarians to ensure we’re delivering the best content for our readers.

At that point, however, it doesn’t mean we’re lacking knowledge on the subject as we do know what we’re talking about and we share tips and tricks on bearded dragon’s from diet, housing to lighting and much more, based on our personal experience.

We’re not saints, we’ve made our mistakes in the past, but we like to believe we know BETTER now, which is why we’re so diligent with everything that we publish.

I hope you will ENJOY our content.

We are more than HAPPY to answer your questions and help you with your Reptile Pet.

For any QUESTIONS or CONCERNS, feel free to reach out to us at: [email protected].